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Terrace Gardens & More


Hello Visitor,                                                                           

We specialize at developing terraces as roof gardens. We do this by using the smartest technology available of the current times and of course a 30 years of experience and expertise

What it is about ?

You may call it as terrace gardens development or roof-top gardens , also knows as green roofs,  living roofs and the latest term going around is terrace farming !!

terracescapes is quite different from a regular terrace gardens on various critereas.

We want to make developing the terrace garden a smooth process for you and provide the benefit of best practices that we can provide.                                         

Reasons to go for terracescapes.

  • To get back the green in your life in an easy way

  • Terraces are in general an un-used part our houses.

  • Fear of waterproofing problems related to terrace gardens.

  • Lack of knowledge about modern developments related to this field.

  • Insulation from exterme heat & cold in our climate.

  • Getting the flora and fauna near to our surroundings.

  • Increased life of terrace structure due to protection from effects of extreme tempratures.

  • 20% to 30%*  cost savings in airconditioning electricity bills  

* Denotes approximate numbers depending on the solutions opted & site conditions

Traditionally creating a terrace garden involves fool proof waterproofing systems along with a 20% stronger structure to bear the weight of wet soil.

The advanced concepts used in  terracescapes allows for creating terrace gardens  that are lighter & easier to maintain.

By having a terracescape you benefit by

  • A better Life Style

  • Savings in Energy Bills for Airconditioning

  • Using your terrace for growing vegetables,

  • Reducing the urban heat islands,

  • Reducing your carbon footprint,

  • By improving the habitat in Urban Areas for birds and bees,




Normal Terrace Gardens


Wieght Factor

Less then half or even 10% of  normal grass based terrace gardens

Around 35 to 40 Kgs Per Sq.ft


Soil Type

Engineered Soil or Without Soil (Artificial Turf)

Normal Soil


Heat Insulation

10" to 12" Degrees*

6" to 8"  Degrees*



  • Natural Grass

  • Artificial Grass

  • Modern Waterproofing

  • Modern Insulation

  • Drainage & Root Areation System

Natural Grass with Normal Soil


Modern Technology

  • Low Water Requirement

  • Dependable Waterproofing

  • Integrated Insulation System

  • Root Zone Aireation

  • Efficient Drainage System

Depends On your Gardener



Zero to Low Mantainance

High Maintainance


Structural Loading

2kg to 25 Kg per Sq.ft

35Kg to 45Kg per Sq.ft


Experience Background

  • Installation  Experts for waterproofing & Insulation

  • 30 years of Experience & Know-how

  • Technology from best products




  • 5 Years for Waterproofing

  • Lifetime for Insulation

  • 10 Years for Fieldturf Grass in Landscaping Use

Frequent Issues with Waterproofing & Mantainence

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