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Basketball Courts

Sports Courts

Various types of surfacing options are available for creation of Basketball Courts.

1)  Various Types of Courts
2)  About Basketball Courts
3)  Comparison between various Sports Surfacing Systems

Basketbal Hardcourts

This highly active game is a Team Sport and is played by children and adults alike. In fact it is also very common with residential colonies and projects due to its smaller space requirement and the visbility aspect.

There are many half courts also in places where space is an issue. One may have a Basketball practice zone on a Terrace too !!

We install new Basketball courts and also upgrade existing ones. Existing Concrete / Asphalt Courts can be repaired and transformed into attractive and inspiring surfaces.

These lively colorful courts encourage players and also provide a more suitable and safer surface to play on.

Surfacing options available for Basketball Courts are

  • Acrylic Cushioned and Non Cushioned Surfaces

  • PU Cushioned and Non Cushioned Surfaces

  • SnapSports Interlocking Tiles Sports Surfaces

The Warranty for these Surfaces are Between 5 Years to 16 Years.

Type of Surface

Crack Resistance*

Service Life*


Investment on Existing Court*

System Warranty




20 to 25 Years

Not Needed

Rs 9 Lacs to 12 Lacs

16 Years




4 to 7 Years


Rs 3 Lacs to 12 Lacs

5 Years




4 to 5 Years


Rs 2.5 Lacs to 6 Lacs

5 years



Parameters and Criteria

Area Considered

4700 Sq.Ft as per International Regulation Size

Crack Resistance

It is the appearance of crack in the surface as the surface ages. The type of surfacing system used affects the visual appeal of the courts

Service Life

This is the average life of the surfacing system before it needs Repairs / Recoats / Refurbishment.


Any coating system wears out over the years. A resurfacing coat regenerates the courts to a new state.


The cost of system depends on features like layers user ie 2 Layers , Six Layer or 8 Layers, type of sub-base and various othe factors.

System Warranty

It is the installation warranty on the system on its perfromace over the years allowing the game play to happen normally.


Systems like Snapsports are easily portable and may be shifted to different location if required.  


Above Prices and Information is a general guideline. Valid Quotes will be provided after site assesment and understanding site requirements.

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