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Saving Money with Fieldturf

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The financial benefit to a FieldTurf field over natural grass is quite simple: The upfront cost is higher, but the cost savings over time make it a much more financially-sound decision.

With a FieldTurf field, you will:

  • Use your field for more hours per day with no field recovery time needed.

  • Use your field for more months out of the year.

  • Use your field in almost any type of weather.

  • Rent out the use of your field to generate revenue.

  • Save on maintenance costs such as re-sodding, watering and mowing

  • Save on harmful chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides

How Fieldturf saves you Money and provides better revenue if you are commercially using your Grass Ground.

Given below is a practical estimation of cost benefits analysis on using a Fieldturf system for Grass fields. This is even more relevant in water shortage regions.

For Costing considerations we have taken the best quality of natural grass system i.e. Carpet Grass or Korean Grass and compared it with a our product FT-57 which is designed to provide even better feel then a carpet grass system.

The data is accumulated from various Owners of Grass field Grounds and Professional Landscaping Consultants. There may be some amount of variations in these numbers according to regional differences and individual perceptaions.


For a 50,000 square foot Sports & Multi-use Heavy Traffic Ground

Using Natural Grass of High Quality i.e Carpet Grass.

Using FieldTurf FT-57


Base preparation on existing Ground :

Rs 5,00,000/-

Rs 10,00,000/-


Materials & Installation :

Rs 35/- per sq. ft. = Rs 17,50,000/-

Rs 195/- per sq. ft. = Rs 97,50,000/-


Maintenance Per Month, inluding Direct & Indirect expenses :

Rs 15,000 x 12 X 10 years = Rs 18,00,000/-

Rs 2,000 x 12X 10 years = Rs 2,40,000/-


Total Expense in 10 Years  on the Ground :

Rs 40,50,000/-

Rs 1,09,90,000/-


Average Seasonal Revenue Possiblities i.e Rent out Per Day) Considering Off Days for Grass Maintainence in case of Marriage Parties & Other Functions:

35 Days x 10 years @ Rs 1,00,000/-Per Day
= Rs 3,50,00,000

65 Days x 10 Years @ Rs 1,00,000/- Per Day
= Rs 6,50,00,000/-


Average Revenue Estimation per Year for 10 years >  Serial No 05 - 04 / 10  :

Rs 30,95,000/-

Rs 54,01,000/-


Gain in revenue Per Annum in Case of Fieldturf


Rs 23,06,000/-

FieldTurf also provides the best value in comparison to the products offered by other turf companies. FieldTurf’s materials and installation techniques are top-of-the line which allows your fields to:

  • Last longer.

  • Offer consistent performance characteristics.

  • Reduce maintenance requirements.

  • Earn Green Points for LEED

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