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Things to know before your decide on your artificial grass purchase.

Markets are now flooded with many varieties of artificial grass. A majority of these products are sourced from Chinese manufacturers.

Although we do not negate the Chinese sourcing, but it is our responsibility to educate the customer as some Scrupulous  agencies make false promises to push an inferior product in the rapidly growing market.

To help some of you, who may be confused by the price difference between the original Fieldturf Tarkett Grass Systems and the low priced copycat turfs.  Below is a comparison chart explaining the bare facts that you should know before finalizing your artificial grass purchase

Comparison of Fieldturf vs other Repelica artificial grass products in the Indian Market



Other Brands / Chinese make


Made in USA & Germany & Exported Worldwide.

Production of 90% Brands is in China


American Quality Standards & Patented Materials

Ambiguous standards & below par material

Poison Free Certificates

  • Non-Toxic Reports & Safety Certficates available for long term human exposure

  • Contains NO Heavy Lead or Mercury

  • Safe for Long term human use.

Lack of test reports on long term human exposure to these synthetic Surfaces.
High Chances of Heavy Metals or Lead harmful to humans


Feldturf invented the concept of long fibre artificial grass in the world that replicates all the bio-mechanical properties of natural grass.

Copies of the  Fieldturf Concept which
looks and feels like more like a plastic carpet instead of natural Grass


Mostly sell non-infilled system which are easy to push & even for the infilled varieties use river sand & scrap from footwear factories.
Which is sometime from harmful sources

Rain Drainage

Un-matched Drainage of water from rains, 11 to 12 inches per hour

Lot of issues reported on their site for water logging and problems with terrace waterproofing

Size & Reach Worldwide

FieldTurf has over 3,500 installations in India and over 30,000 across the world

Inflated Figures & No Consistency, vendors keep changing


FieldTurf certified as

  • Lead Free

  • Member of US Green Building Council

  • Eligible to earn points for LEED certification.

Search for your self, ask your vendor for specifics

Key Installation

Fly By Night Operators claim lot of our sites as their own !!


Fly by niight operators claim 10 years , 15 years even 20 years warranty.
While no chinese manufaturer offers more then 5 years warranty from the date of manufacturer

Stock Size

Fieldtur Turf Width is 15 feet hence less joints

Chinese turf is 7 or 7.5 Feet Wide hence twice the number of joints in installations hence more installation issues


No Single National Brand.
Majority are Local Importers who sell low priced repelicas.  
No Support Systems for Customers or Dealers

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